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TRAVELOGUES IN TUSCANY - creating one-of-a-kind art journals in the Tuscan hills
October 5th -12th, 2019

Few places evoke the romance of art and travel quite like the Tuscan hills outside of Florence. Who hasn’t longed to revel in an Italian villa, lingering over the distant views of medieval hamlets and Cypress lined roads, savoring delicious gourmet foods and wines from local vendors - all while creating artful journals (and more) that reflect the luscious experiences unique to each of us.
Travelogues are more than just scrapbooks of postcards and receipts, they tell a story of longing and adventure, wonder and priceless memories. The travelogue is the evidence of the journey, and when we learn to see with fresh eyes, our journals become unique timeless treasures. We will bring our authentic experience to our creative practice and into our journals. Using water based paints, collage, photography/photo transfer and various mark making tools, each journal will be a unique expression of the artist.
The travelogue is not limited to the pages of a book however, so you are welcome to expand beyond the page to create work that you will hang on the wall. All levels are welcome to join us in this immersive art/travel adventure!

AMY GUION CLAY is an artist/traveler who often describes her mixed media artworks as maps or evidence of a mythical journey. She is always on an adventure of discovery, and making art while traveling to exotic destinations is her idea of heaven.

Amy’s approach to teaching is all about helping others access their unique authentic voice, through a combination of technique, thoughtful seeing, humor and play. She loves to debunk the preciousness of art making, to push through fear and resistance so as to invite happy accidents and the joy of staying curious and open.

Amy lives in Boulder, CO, at the junction of the Great Plains and the Rocky Mountains. When she is not soaking in the beauty of her Colorado home, she travels the world, mostly as an artist-in-residence. This has allowed her to make art in over 14 different countries and counting, such as Iceland, New Zealand, India, Berlin and Ireland.





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